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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lets Explore

IF you are a fan of the lack of heat, exorbitant food prices and constant cloud then England is the perfect place for you. But i love it here, it is very different compared to South Africa and a very new experience.
Well Time to catch up, i am just going to give you quick details else we could be here for ever.

I first want to wish all of you a great and happy year of 2012, i hope you fulfil all your dreams and aspirations-and remember to stick to your new year resolutions. ( i heard on the redio that one lady lasted a whole 3 hours, now that is something to live up to. What an inspiration )

Well the day after i arrived my cousins took me to a place called Beaulieu which was absolutely amazing. If youre a fan of Top Gear then it is the perfect place for you, situated in a little village not far from Winchester. On the way - driving to Beaulieu i was impressed at how neat and clean the town was : typically English, with pubs and old school designs. There are wild ponies that just wonder around, you are not allowed to disturb them as they are protected by the government. I got to see the real Top Gear cars that they use in the shows and the ones that were re modified. IT was an amazing experience as i am quite a Top Gear fan, and was so impressed that I could touch some of the cars that i saw on TV.

One of the episodes they had to make boats from cars

This is the reasonably priced car that stars are put in

People do not really understand when i tell them that : I AM THE STIG, so to make matters easier i have decided to show you. Look at the resemblance. Notice how i am wearing shorts and living up to become a true SOuth AFrican.

THis car is called a reliant and has only one wheel. If you have watched any Mr Bean then you should remember it from there ( the car that always got bullied ) Was pretty funny to see it in the museum, and then fate kicks in again and we saw that same car driving behind us. I was excited to see the car turn a corner and potentially fall over but sadly that was not the case

The next few days i have been a few places and all have been amazing. THen went to stay with my other cousin who stays in Andover. You can find him here :

Him and his girl friend Steph took me to Danebury Iron Age hill fort. THis is pretty much a really old historic place.
It was a fort on the top of a hill defended by bumps and lumps in the ground. THe view was spectacular and i was able to see for miles. Green lush fields and quaint little houses were nice to see. The weather feels a bit like stepping into a fridge. Its cold but not wet, and it sort of stings you ,and keeps you awake. Very Nice if you have something warm to wear.:)

Here is the view from the top

You can find their website here :

Afterwards we went to a small village where we had the most amazing hot chocolate ever. Literally its the best i have ever tasted.

Until next time:)

Only 5 days until i leave for Stamford


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