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Monday, 16 January 2012

An Extreme Week

It has been a week today that I started work. I remember leaving South Africa being nervous and not knowing what to expect... Will i be the only tanned person? Will i understand the pommy accents? Or will I be drowned in tea. Currently i have been drowned in tea and have had enough of it to last a life time - but i guess its the same compared to South Africa with our borewors ( you can never have enough ). You cant refuse people either else they get all angry as you are insulting their British heritage to serve tea.

I have gotten into the just of what i am going to be doing here and its nice to see how some people can really be friendly and go out of their way to help you. My job here is to be assistant everything sport wise. I am helping coaching hockey, soccer ( football ) , rugby ( i have never played ) , cricket umpire, swimming life guard, PE teacher and more.
So every day i really have an action packed day.

It is starting to get colder each day and i can feel it in my bones. I know i sound really old saying that as it is presumed the old people can tell when it is going to rain and snow because they can feel it in their bones and after all their years of living they are just very wise. It is nice to wake up and look out on the field and see white. I keep on calling it snow but apparently it is only frost, i guess i am too excited to see snow that anything white i see i think is snow. The kids all laugh at me:)

I went swimming in the evening and funny enough the water was 26 degrees which was very nice and warm compared to the freezing weather close to sub zero outside.
One thing that really annoys me here is their radio station, it is worse than KFM. The reason why i am saying this and why it is completley out of context is because i am currently listening to a radio station that has played about 10 songs and repeats them every half hour. I feel like picking it up and smashing it against the window.

My tip for the day is : If you're swimming and you see crazy kids coming towards you, don't try and play with them else they might just jump on top of you.

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  1. Haha, very interesting! (: The UK seems like it'd be a pleasant place to visit. I can't believe your job there -- all those sports? Well, it must be exciting, for sure. Best of luck with everything, darling.