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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Visiting Willy Wonka's Factory

I presume everyone has watched the movie Willy Wonka, the movie about Charlie and the miny oompa loompas and the great chocolate room. Today I had the pleasure of visiting Cadbury World in Birmingham. Birmingham is  the second largest city in England after London and a good 2 hour drive from Stamford.
I accompanied the school's year 4 classes to their first trip to a chocolate factory. Year 4's are great and cute the only problem is that they have to much energy. I somehow managed to get stuck at the back with the noisiest kids, and it is not a good combination if you are trying to sleep. They kept poking and prodding me to make sure I was not dead. In the end I had to make do no sleep and a high irritation level.

Have you ever noticed how all the chocolate bars in the shops have purple wrappers? Now here at Cadbury world everything was purple. The signs, the carpet, the chocolate, the tents, and even bits of the tills. They also had their own purple clothes.
We got a tour around the factory and wow is it big. Walking into the factory you are hit with a dark, rich steaming chocolate smell of the finest quality. Everyone stops to sniff the air and dream bubbles pop into each persons mind of how they are going to swim in chocolate or even wear chocolate clothes.
We took a tour of the factory and got to  see how chocolate was originally started by the Aztecs, then how it became popular to Europe with only the rich really being able to afford to buy it.
We saw the packaging, the making, the twirling, the heating, the moving, the beginning of the chocolate making process.

We then arrived in a room I bet these people like to show off. There were these huge buckets of chocolate that were then filtered into little packets for people to write their names with. Of course faced with an opportunity like this how could I ever turn it down. So mustering all the strength I had in me to control my urges, I managed to write my name in chocolate

After seeing so much chocolate everyone's mouth's began to water, and we then got a cup of the highest, purest quality chocolate I have ever tasted. It was absolutely magnificent.

We then arrived at what I am going to call the Willy Wonka room. It looked somewhat like it could come out of the movies. It was weirdly and wonderfully designed and looked about the right size for an Oompa Loompa.

Looking at this door I cant imagine what must be going through your mind. It must be racing at all the possibilities that could lie behind this door. Seeing it I got so excited and ran right over to take some pictures, I got a few funny looks from the kids " Silly South African " must've crossed their minds.
As each moment came closer to the opening of this door, I was planning how I would roll in the meadows of chocolate grass, bask in the chocolate sun, and tip the chocolate cows before meeting the all famous Oompa Loompa's. The door creaked open and light filled the room. "Drat" I thought to myself, as it was only another show room. Chocolate can make ones mind go really crazy.

My advice for the day : You may think that you can eat all the chocolate in the word, but after 2 mouthfuls of Cadbury's delicious secret filled chocolate it is really impossible.

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  1. Hey Warren what an amazing experience it must have been. You'll never look at another bar of chocolate in the same way again

  2. Just love this blog Warren, probably because I love chocolate so much and can just visualize falling into a vat of chocolate. Your descriptions are great.