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Monday, 9 January 2012

Stamford - The town of the Crusaders

Waking up today after a night of good fun at my cousins 25th party i was feeling too tired to contemplate the town to which i would soon be arriving. Little did I know how beautiful this trip would become.
On the ride up after seeing countless sheep being sheep and huddling together to keep warm we finally arrived in Stamford. On entry to the town i was blown away at the size of it. I guess they saying " Dynamite comes in small packages " really pulled through here. Picture a Harry Potter film with the Hogwarts building, and you have Stamford. It reminds me of living in the old crusader times as all the buildings are tall and steep. I imagine a few hundred years ago how the soldiers cantered down the streets on their horses, and i cant help but smile to think that i am in a historic town.

I am living in a boarding house with another student from South Africa. Our duties pretty much include looking after the little kids, helping with the sport, life saving, and filing in the class rooms. Tonight the kids arrive so its pretty exciting to get to know them and see what happens in the future.

Stay tuned for lots of photos:)


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