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Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Trip to Lincoln

This weekend was a lovely time to relax and get your pieces together after a first crazy week of learning what to do and how the school works. My schedule consists of me just doing sport and pe and swimming, and i think by the end of the year those are going to be coming out of my ears.
It has begun to get exceptionally cold and 2 days a go, i glanced at what i thought was the beginning of snow. Later I found out that it was just frost, and i got all excited for nothing.
When they say it gets cold here they are being serious - me being a person who does not get cold easily even struggled a bit. Your hands and face are the worst possible things to be exposed and it just gets colder and colder.

With all that in mind we took a trip to Lincoln. Lincoln is about a 2 hour trip away from Stamford, and i cant really update you on the surroundings as i am sad to say i fell asleep.
There are two major things in Lincoln : the cathedral and the castle. And i was lucky enough to visit both of them.
The abbey was huge and magnificent. It is quite unbelievable to see how big something can be without the use of modern technology. It was started up in 1300 and is still in very good condition. Walking through the cathedral was another story, huge roofs, unbelievably good crafted items, graves in the floor from past bishops really took your breath away.

After that we moved over to the castle which was just a 5 minute walk. The castle was a very important role in the charter of the forest and helped with today's democracy. IT was not as big as i expected a castle to be, and did not have huge turrets but it was still very worthwhile.
We walked around the edges of the barracks and went inside to see the prison.  Many people were imprisoned for small acts but in those days were quite serious. Like cutting down fire wood from the kings forres or stealing to provide some kind of food for your family.
If you were to be hung then you were taken to the turret in front of a crowd for a public execution.

Now a days the castle iteself ( above ) is used for council and serious court orders.

I am going to start giving small pieces of advice from my encounters, that i think you should take if ever coming over to England.

My advice for today is : Always wear gloves else your hands are going to lose circulation, and if you can wear a sock over your nose to keep it warm.

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  1. What does a Capetonian in the middle of winter in England look like with gloves, a warm hat, a thick jacket, and a sock on his nose look like? Who cares, because at least he's warm. Nice "tip of the day" Warren.