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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Forum in the rise

Greetings from a far.
So today I thought that I would try something a bit different. Being different is good and you don't always have to go with the flow ( Good life lesson ) Just be careful though if you are up the creek without a paddle, cause then you are in deep water.
I have decided to create a forum. Yes a forum. For those of you who don't know or are not exactly sure what it is, a forum is a place where communities can come together to share, discuss describe, talk, gossip, determine, debate etc.
The purpose of my forum is simply this : I want to create a strong base of readers, I want you guys to be able to get together and chat, and talk.
I also want to hear your opinion of where and what I should visit here in the UK. You suggest something, and let the others vote and I will go and update you when I arrive.

When visiting this forum please register so you can post, and stay up to date with everything

Snow is on the way, and today I had hockey practise as per usual. It was a bit different today as the weather felt a different cold. Picture a huge bowl, deep with high edges. Now in your mind fill it to the top with ice cubes and water. Then stick your hand in it.
That is what I felt like, I could not bend my fingers or even hold a hockey stick properly.
I think it is time to invest in a pair of gloves.

Take care

Don't forget to visit the forum and register


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