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Friday, 20 January 2012

Lunch Ladies

So everyone has seen those typical American movies where the kids are finished their class and they head off to the cafeteria to have their break. They walk down corridors filled with laughter while and joy and happiness bounce off the walls. Suddenly they enter the cafeteria and you can hear crickets chirping for in front of them are the Lunch Ladies.
 Everyone is scared and the loudest kids are now the quietest. Slowly but surely they take their trays and line up for food. The lunch lady takes a scoop of some sort of foul mixture and lets it drip onto your plate. The kids look at it with disgust but do not muster the courage to dare ask what it is. Finally they reach that treasured place in line : The Dessert end. One kid holds out his plate and a dollop of ice cream gets dropped in, he looks up with big bambi eyes and asks the question that should be never asked : Please ma'am may I have some more?

If you are wondering, the cafeteria at my school is nothing like that:) I just thought that I would give you a nice interesting introduction before I start.
How ever I am on very thin ice with one of the ladies already. So to give you a bit of detail : I enjoy food ( not in a bad way ) I don't over eat or anything, I just like food. Well who doesn't. Often if i am still hungry I will go for a little bit more.
So it was my first day at Stamford, and I was new and trying to be all proper and give a good impression to anyone who saw me. I got my first bit of food and ate it all and then was hungry still, so I decided to go back for bread. I went up with my plate and was about to take a slice of bread when the lunch lady storms down on me and gives me these evil eyes. Cautiously i reach out my hand to take a piece of bread and she goes " Tsk tsk tsk use a picker up thing " ( I have no idea what they are called )
So I then had to put down my plate, pick up one of those picker upper things, pick a slice of bread up that was about 5 cm away from my plate, put it on my plate and then walk away. All the time under the gaze of her beady little eyes.
So on my first day I had managed to get on the bad side of one of the ladies that would be serving me for the next year.

The second time that I got in trouble was with the same lady and this time I took a tiny wrap. Apparently there are rules, but  no body bothered to mention to me. I am actually beginning to realise that it could all be nonsense and this is just the ladies way of getting back at me. The rule states that if you have a hot meal you cannot have cold meals. So being me I took some hot meals and then moved on to take some salad. I then reached over for a wrap and put it on my plate. Then this same lady comes towards me, with me in the mean time racking my brain for what I could have possibly done wrong.
She starts giving me a lecture as to how there are rules saying this and that and this and that. I just nodded and had to be polite.
I am still learning, but I will get there :P

My tip for the day : Don't ever get on the wrong side of the lunch ladies.

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