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Thursday, 29 December 2011

An English Arrival

The sun is just coming up over the mountains on a beautiful Cape TOwn morning. I am lying in my bed when i hear this dreadful noise. My alarm clock. I roll over and hit the snooze button hoping to fall back to sleep, after drifting off the alarm sparks back into life and i can't help but check the time. 5:12. Urrrghhh so early i thought, but today was the big day. THe day where i finally step out of the nest spread my wings and hopefully fly. Not like those unlucky birds who somehow manage to trip and fall. No i am not a sparrow i am a eagle, a bird of prey a bird out to hunt.
Being forced to wear long pants as apparently England is very cold i slip them on and get ready for the drive.
By the way - A true South African never ever gets cold, and i live up to that expectation. Us bokkies know how to live it up. SOmetimes i think that i am Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild. He does some crazy stuff and i have no idea how.. But people call me crazy when I wear shorts and it is pouring outside:)

Getting to the airport was alright thank goodness that it was early and that the taxi drivers were not awake yet. South AFrican taxi drivers are really a force to rekon with. A bit of advice if you are not from South Africa : Never get in their way , they are the kings of the road.
( Lunatics )

After sad good byes i managed to get through luggage check... And i am proud to say i lasted a whole 2 min before asking directions. Haha it was so bad...
After looking for gate A3 where i was to board i managed to make a friend:). Yup! already in the airport and making friends.
So this guy was called Ruan ( i think ) and he went on to tell me about how squash is terrible as no one sponsors them. He is ranked 4th in under 19 South Africa. So i am proud to say that i met someone soon to be famous.

I mentioned in my previous post that i hated flying, and i still stand by that but this flight was pleasantly suprising:)
to make a long 12 hour flight shorter i will break it down into what i did
Board - Sit down - Get served breakfast - Eat breakfast - Watch movies - Get drinks - Get lunch - Eat lunch - Watch movies - Land - Horrah!
it was incredibly boring and i hate sitting still for more that 1 hour time frames. But i braved it out and here i am:)

I want to apologize in advance for the lack of quality.

THe first photo was just waiting in line to board the plane

A view of the seats in front of me

YESSS!! arrival in LONDON! Now come the adventures

Driving down to where i am staying makes me think that i am living in an old school movie. The place is so nice and typically english:)

Thanks for reading this:)
be sure to catch me soon on :

My adventures around the UK!:D

Monday, 26 December 2011

Beginning of the Beginning

The time is slowly coming closer. I can feel it. My heart beats faster, my skin itches with anticipation and every few moments i have to stop myself from shaking. My mind is buzzing at all the new sights that i will encounter. The mission ahead : Gap trip to England.
First of all is the flight across to Heathrow Airport UK!. The flight, urgh where do i start.

I am not a big fan of flying, and have absolutely no idea where it started from. I guess its all the movies you watch where the planes crash into the sea and there is that one survivor who happens to find a plank of wood, and manages to find an island where he builds a house and meets native tribe members.
Ok actually i have no other complaints and i just think that it is a mind over matter problem.

When my plane touches down i am going to be picked up by my cousins who i have not seen in about 8 years. I often wonder if its going to be one of those moments when we run in slow motion. Muahaha sheez i have watched way to many movies indeed : MOving on!.

After the 10 days i am off to the lovely town of Stamford where i still have absolutly no idea where it is.
People ask me Warren where about are you going?

And all i can say is Stamford. Judging my the look on peoples faces they have not the foggiest idea as the where Stamford is.

Doing some research i have found that the town of Stamford is extremely small.. And when i mean small i mean pea size on a football field small.
To give you an idea as to what i am talking about.
I live in Cape Town with a population of over 3.5million (Estimated)
Stamford where i will be heading just falls under the 20 thousand mark. 19,525 to be exact.

So to keep you up on my journey i will be hoping to blog at least once a week.
Actually lets make it more.

Please give me your feedback:)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Trip To England

Hello world.
first of all I would like to apologize for the lack of posts, I have been very busy with my school's final exams. I am pleased to say that i am finally finished!
After 12 years of work and waking up early it feels very good to kick back and just relax.

So to fill you in on what is going to be going down over the next year: I am off to England on the 28th December which is 3 days away. Pretty scary and daunting, and the fact that im going all on my own makes it more scary:).
But I am up for a challenge. I will be going to a school and working as a gap student. Then in the holidays i will be touring the rest of the continent. I will be going to many countries.

I have decided to make this blog about my travels and where i go etc. I will be uploading pictures, and just giving you information as to what i did:).
Sort of like an on line diary, then you can enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to be Healthy


This is the all time question, with countless amounts of money being spent on special pills, books, advice even strange doctors that “guarantee” their product to work for your wellbeing. I am here to shatter some peoples profit because you can lead a healthy life just by changing some of your life style habits. Let me tell you how

1 The first thing and most important is your water intake. Everyday we are supposed to be drinking at least 8 cups of water. The water helps to flush our system of its bad inhabitants and cleans us up. From personal experience it is really hard to force down 8 cups of water at once. Do not try to make a world record out of it by seeing how fast you can down you cup, as to much water at once can dilute the sodium in your brain. Take it between different meals, and whenever you want to make something to drink, drink water instead. This is quite hard at first but after a while you will notice yourself getting into a routine.

2. The second thing in our list of healthy tips is to make sure you eat enough fruit. Have you ever wondered why monkeys are so incredibly fit and healthy and how they never get tired swinging from tree to tree: IT’S THE FRUIT.
The fruit contains many natural minerals and vitamins that ensure we are healthy and able to about our daily work. These vitamins help in our immune system to fight off the germs and unwanted guests. It is also proven that eating fruit helps you prevent acne.

3. it is very important to eat correctly. You must not that when you are not hungry : Do not eat, and when you are full make sure you stop. You must not just eat because there is food lying around the house. You must know what your body can take so limit your portions based on your body.
  • Eat as many vegetables as possible
  • Eat slowly, chewing your food!
  • It is important to eat high fibre food, such as beans, potatoes, corn etc
  • You must not eat close to your bed time, as this does not give your body enough time to digest

I hope these tips have helped you a little more. If you are struggling to change, don’t look to do it right away. Take your time, start with small changes and go big.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Being famous is Hard Work

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be famous.? To walk down the street and be recognized by millions. To live the life of luxury with your own house staff under you ready to obey every command.
It may sound the dream but it is fulling to be famous.
"At first it is so exciting and it is so gratifying and cool it's like, "Everyone loves me! They like me ! They really like me!"
Sally Field

In 2010 i was selected to participate in a TV show called " Treasure Hunt " this show was a mini survivor for teenagers. Back at school i would get people coming up to me asking

"Excuse me are you the treasure hunter?"
"Weren't you on TV?"

I won't lie - it was nice at first to get random people coming up to me saying that they liked the show etc, but it gets really tiring.

Now imagine being super famous and where ever you go people always crowding you. You are always in the public eye, you are role models to younger kids. This means that you have to have the latest style and always keep a happy face.
Lets compile a list and compare the advantages and disadvantages to being famous.

1. Celebs are rich
2. Name is known by everyone
3. Have a huge fan base
4. Can help organisations

1. Paparazzi
2. No privacy
3. No feeling of security ( always a fear of danger )
4. A lot of haters

I think being famous is definitively hard work, and if you are wanting to become famous then you have to think over the consequences.
Let me not put you off being famous.

Remember to dream and never give up.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Table Mountain - The Mountain of Joy

Being in Cape Town and relating to the rest of the world, i say we are doing pretty well.
I mean we were just voted the City of Best Design for 2014... The BEST CITY in the world.. That is something if you compare us to countries in the UK and in Sweden.

One of our next tasks we have as a city is the : Vote for Table Mountain challenge.

We are trying to get our very own Table Mountain into the 7 Natural Wonders of the world.
You can help us out by clicking on the picture below

Vote for Table Mountain