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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to be Healthy


This is the all time question, with countless amounts of money being spent on special pills, books, advice even strange doctors that “guarantee” their product to work for your wellbeing. I am here to shatter some peoples profit because you can lead a healthy life just by changing some of your life style habits. Let me tell you how

1 The first thing and most important is your water intake. Everyday we are supposed to be drinking at least 8 cups of water. The water helps to flush our system of its bad inhabitants and cleans us up. From personal experience it is really hard to force down 8 cups of water at once. Do not try to make a world record out of it by seeing how fast you can down you cup, as to much water at once can dilute the sodium in your brain. Take it between different meals, and whenever you want to make something to drink, drink water instead. This is quite hard at first but after a while you will notice yourself getting into a routine.

2. The second thing in our list of healthy tips is to make sure you eat enough fruit. Have you ever wondered why monkeys are so incredibly fit and healthy and how they never get tired swinging from tree to tree: IT’S THE FRUIT.
The fruit contains many natural minerals and vitamins that ensure we are healthy and able to about our daily work. These vitamins help in our immune system to fight off the germs and unwanted guests. It is also proven that eating fruit helps you prevent acne.

3. it is very important to eat correctly. You must not that when you are not hungry : Do not eat, and when you are full make sure you stop. You must not just eat because there is food lying around the house. You must know what your body can take so limit your portions based on your body.
  • Eat as many vegetables as possible
  • Eat slowly, chewing your food!
  • It is important to eat high fibre food, such as beans, potatoes, corn etc
  • You must not eat close to your bed time, as this does not give your body enough time to digest

I hope these tips have helped you a little more. If you are struggling to change, don’t look to do it right away. Take your time, start with small changes and go big.