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Friday, 24 February 2012

Human Cloning?

So it has been a while since I have updated my blog, and I thought that I should update you. Because it is amazing to be updated, and in the loop. So since coming back to school the week has flown by relatively fast. I mean each monday i think " Oh , wait i did this same thing last Monday, it felt like yesterday "
So I am taking that as a good sign, as the saying goes "Time flies as you are having fun" Which is true.
This past week nothing that interested has happened.
I have been working, and have begun to get involved in the children's lives. It is amazing at how friendly they are to me, I feel like that cool teacher I always used to look up to. Being calleg Mr Bright certainly takes a while to get used to, and I am stil not entirely there yet.
So I have booked a Europe tour! How exciting right!
9 countries, 22 days, 30 people. An opportunity never to be missed.
France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands.

On to the topic I have wanted to talk about.
If you have ever watched How I met your mother, then you know that they keep seeing doubles of themselves called "Doppelgängers" I am here to say that it is true! It exists. Where ever I go, i keep on seeing doubles of people or the grown up version of what the person is going to look like. It is scary, as the resemblance is so similar. I wonder if i have a Doppelganger...

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ireland in a blast.

Wow, so where do I start. I have no idea where to begin, but maybe the beginning sounds like the better option. So half term started this last Monday and the kids were kicked out of school to go and frolic else where, and the teachers took their long awaited break. My plans were to then fly off to Ireland, meeting up with a fellow gap student who I know from South Africa. Everything went by smoothly, and by 6 pm on Friday the 10th I was in Belfast CIty Airport.
Leprechauns are one of the main attractions in Ireland, and I was amazed at how many I saw : Short little men, wearing green, a scarf, and a top hat. They even talk funny, and I counted numerous times when Irish people's sentences go higher when they say their last phrase.
On the Saturday morning we went out to Port Rush and Port Steward in Northern Ireland and got to see Giants Causeway. There is this whole myth about how these two giants. To read an accurate account of the Legend click here.
Giants Causeway has lots of natural features, and different rock formations. I finally felt some of my Geography paying off, as I knew how they had formed and what they were called.
We managed to get some amazing photo's which you can scroll down and check out below.

Over the next few days we went to Parliaments where we got to see where all the debates happen for the running of the country. It was great to walk into such an old building with huge tall rooves that seem limitless.
Later on we got to see Belfast City, The Crown ( which is the oldest bar in Northern Ireland ) and we even went on a Titanic tour.
The Titanic tour was amazing and definitely worth the 12 pounds. The tour guide took as down the road where the actual Titanic was built. He told us all the stories behind the making of the Titanic, stories of peoples lives and what went on during the day. We were then brought into the original HQ of the Titanic where the plans were made and where the big boss sat. It was amazing to see a hundred year old building from the inside with nothing at all changed.

The top picture is of the road how it used to be when over 3000 men used it 100 years ago. Not much as changed building wise, and it was amazing to stand where men used to actually build the titanic..
Here is the link to my photo album entitled " An Irish Walkabooout " And you will be able to see the rest of the photos.

So I think pictures tell you a hundred words, so I wish you a happy looking through photos, and until next time. For now it is back to school and back to reality.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A trek to Ireland

So one of the reasons why I came over to the UK was to travel and see as much of Europe as humanly possible, before collapsing onto the floor out of exhaustion.
I am now off to Ireland, in literally 2 days. I must say that it was a brand new experience buying tickets for myself and organising how I am going to get there.
I get this sort of excited feeling in my stomach, and I don't even know where to begin looking for stuff.
I will be leaving Stamford to go to Stansted airport, and then arriving at Belfast International at about 17:10. I will be trying to explore as much as possible, and will definitely be taking photos, so make sure you stay tuned

This past week it has been snowing, and after many years of waiting to see snow I finally got my chance. It was spectacular to look outside the window and see little flakes fall from the heavens. Snow is so soft and fluffy and somehow reminds me of candyfloss. I built an igloo, snowman, went sledging, did snow angels and had a snow fight. The not so great part about snow is when it melts and turns to mush.
I managed to get some great photos of Stamford in the snow, so enjoy.

So with the enjoyable fact that I am only allowed to take hand luggage across to Ireland, I start packing.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Song of the day - Joe Brooks

So I have decided to do something a bit different here on blogger. Everyone likes music and songs, and sometimes I think it is pretty much what makes the world go around. Many people have musicians as heroes and inspirations to be musicians. Being over here I have had a lot of time to listen to music and find new artists that I like.
I have decided to do a " Song of the day " post. Each time I find a new song I will share it with you for you to enjoy.

Today's song is by Joe Brooks called Rules of Attraction

Happy Listening

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