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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A trek to Ireland

So one of the reasons why I came over to the UK was to travel and see as much of Europe as humanly possible, before collapsing onto the floor out of exhaustion.
I am now off to Ireland, in literally 2 days. I must say that it was a brand new experience buying tickets for myself and organising how I am going to get there.
I get this sort of excited feeling in my stomach, and I don't even know where to begin looking for stuff.
I will be leaving Stamford to go to Stansted airport, and then arriving at Belfast International at about 17:10. I will be trying to explore as much as possible, and will definitely be taking photos, so make sure you stay tuned

This past week it has been snowing, and after many years of waiting to see snow I finally got my chance. It was spectacular to look outside the window and see little flakes fall from the heavens. Snow is so soft and fluffy and somehow reminds me of candyfloss. I built an igloo, snowman, went sledging, did snow angels and had a snow fight. The not so great part about snow is when it melts and turns to mush.
I managed to get some great photos of Stamford in the snow, so enjoy.

So with the enjoyable fact that I am only allowed to take hand luggage across to Ireland, I start packing.


  1. Why are you only allowed to take hand luggage - can't you take your backpack?

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