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Thursday, 29 December 2011

An English Arrival

The sun is just coming up over the mountains on a beautiful Cape TOwn morning. I am lying in my bed when i hear this dreadful noise. My alarm clock. I roll over and hit the snooze button hoping to fall back to sleep, after drifting off the alarm sparks back into life and i can't help but check the time. 5:12. Urrrghhh so early i thought, but today was the big day. THe day where i finally step out of the nest spread my wings and hopefully fly. Not like those unlucky birds who somehow manage to trip and fall. No i am not a sparrow i am a eagle, a bird of prey a bird out to hunt.
Being forced to wear long pants as apparently England is very cold i slip them on and get ready for the drive.
By the way - A true South African never ever gets cold, and i live up to that expectation. Us bokkies know how to live it up. SOmetimes i think that i am Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild. He does some crazy stuff and i have no idea how.. But people call me crazy when I wear shorts and it is pouring outside:)

Getting to the airport was alright thank goodness that it was early and that the taxi drivers were not awake yet. South AFrican taxi drivers are really a force to rekon with. A bit of advice if you are not from South Africa : Never get in their way , they are the kings of the road.
( Lunatics )

After sad good byes i managed to get through luggage check... And i am proud to say i lasted a whole 2 min before asking directions. Haha it was so bad...
After looking for gate A3 where i was to board i managed to make a friend:). Yup! already in the airport and making friends.
So this guy was called Ruan ( i think ) and he went on to tell me about how squash is terrible as no one sponsors them. He is ranked 4th in under 19 South Africa. So i am proud to say that i met someone soon to be famous.

I mentioned in my previous post that i hated flying, and i still stand by that but this flight was pleasantly suprising:)
to make a long 12 hour flight shorter i will break it down into what i did
Board - Sit down - Get served breakfast - Eat breakfast - Watch movies - Get drinks - Get lunch - Eat lunch - Watch movies - Land - Horrah!
it was incredibly boring and i hate sitting still for more that 1 hour time frames. But i braved it out and here i am:)

I want to apologize in advance for the lack of quality.

THe first photo was just waiting in line to board the plane

A view of the seats in front of me

YESSS!! arrival in LONDON! Now come the adventures

Driving down to where i am staying makes me think that i am living in an old school movie. The place is so nice and typically english:)

Thanks for reading this:)
be sure to catch me soon on :

My adventures around the UK!:D


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