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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Being famous is Hard Work

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be famous.? To walk down the street and be recognized by millions. To live the life of luxury with your own house staff under you ready to obey every command.
It may sound the dream but it is fulling to be famous.
"At first it is so exciting and it is so gratifying and cool it's like, "Everyone loves me! They like me ! They really like me!"
Sally Field

In 2010 i was selected to participate in a TV show called " Treasure Hunt " this show was a mini survivor for teenagers. Back at school i would get people coming up to me asking

"Excuse me are you the treasure hunter?"
"Weren't you on TV?"

I won't lie - it was nice at first to get random people coming up to me saying that they liked the show etc, but it gets really tiring.

Now imagine being super famous and where ever you go people always crowding you. You are always in the public eye, you are role models to younger kids. This means that you have to have the latest style and always keep a happy face.
Lets compile a list and compare the advantages and disadvantages to being famous.

1. Celebs are rich
2. Name is known by everyone
3. Have a huge fan base
4. Can help organisations

1. Paparazzi
2. No privacy
3. No feeling of security ( always a fear of danger )
4. A lot of haters

I think being famous is definitively hard work, and if you are wanting to become famous then you have to think over the consequences.
Let me not put you off being famous.

Remember to dream and never give up.


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