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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Life in Stamford - Lincolnshire

It is really amazing here. - you have no idea. I am beginning to settle in quite quickly and making new friends as a go along. Thats really what this whole year is going to be about, making new friends and having a good time. Yesterday i went for a walk around Stamford town just to get my bearings as to where i would be for the next year
. Stamford has quite a rich history and begun well over 1000 years ago. Stamford became famous for their well woven wool and having excellent trade routes that connect to the rest of the country. During the 14th century Stamford was ranked in the top 10 largest towns in England with 14 churches, 2 monastic institutions and 4 friaries : parliaments met here. Many of these old buildings still stand and it is truly amazing to sort of re live history.

The churches look like this and are easily spotted from a distance. This church is about a 5 minute walk from where i am staying

Walking through the town these are the types of building you would see

Living in the country has amazing benefits. Walking out of the school and i come across the meadows which i have to cross. Everyting is so neat and well kept.

There is so much stuff to eat here, it is really quite crazy. They have full meals for breakfast, lunch and "tea".
I have to become very good with exercise and have started to have workouts in my room:)

IF you ever have the opportunity make sure you come to Stamford!

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  1. Warren! So much history and natural beauty. Good to see some of your surroundings and hear how it's going. Keep well!