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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Being an English child

There are many things that I have noticed since arriving in the UK, and it is just very interesting to see how differently the UK is run from South Africa. To start off lets talk about their children. The children to the government are their prized possessions, even more valuable then gold, diamonds etc. What I mean by this, is that the children are so heavily protected it is impossible to get " close " to them without the fear of potentially being sued.

Let me explain some of the protection laws they have for their children, and don't get me wrong I am not saying these are bad and should be stopped, I am just commenting on what I think, and from what I know. To start off there is no physical contact to be allowed, the flaw in this : What happens if a child trips on the playground what are you allowed to do. Well technically speaking ( and I have seen this ) all you are allowed to do now is to pat the child on the head and tell him its all right.

If something happens, the child is always the one to get away scot free and the adult will be severely punished, even if the adult is actually helping the child, and the child blows everything out of proportion.

The respect for parents is next to nothing, and it is interesting to see how they were raised. Because you are not allowed to hit a child ( wooden spoon ) some parents did not know what to do with their children when they were naughty and just left them. So the children have grown up with no discipline to when they do something wrong.

Its very interesting being from the outside and observing in:)
The UK has been very enlightening  and I have learned a lot.

My advice for the day : Wake up before your alarm clock goes off. Alarm clocks are too noisy to be woken at such early times.

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